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We Are Cherished 

Beauty Supply Store Employee To A Professional Cosmetic Formulator!

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My Story

Hello Everyone, my name is Aiechia Davis and I am the owner and formulator of Cherished. I began formulating professionally in 2021.  I am self taught and I took as many free classes as I could until attending a Professional Formulating School. Before I became a formulator I worked in the Beauty Supply Industry for almost 7 years. That is where a lot of my knowledge came from and it also sparked my passion for starting my own business as well. 
Fast Forward to today, I now have my own business. I formulate Natural Hair Care, Skin Care & Household Cleaning products! The Reason I chose to name my brand Cherished is because I've always been a nurturing and caring person. I always go above and beyond for family, friends & Customers. So what better way than to put all of that energy, love and compassion that I have into my Brand. 

So with all that being said, Cherished is a brand that protects and cares for others by offering products formulated with high-quality, nature derived, and, toxic-free ingredients. 

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    We care about your appearance and your well-being!

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